Thursday, September 19, 2019

Our First Class Celebration!

Today our class had it's first Classroom Celebration!  The kids voted, and it was decided that they would watch a movie!  Soooo, at the end of our day we watched an episode of "Wild Kratz" and then went out to play for a few minutes until dismissal!  It was wonderful!

Building the Habits of GREAT Readers!

We've been exploring and practicing the habits of strong readers!  Here are some pics showing a few of us working on the comprehension strategy of "stop and jots".....  Such hard workers!  Way to go, Kids!

Math Talks in 2nd Grade

Our class has been working very hard in math class!  We're having some very healthy "Math Talks" where students articulate how they solve math combinations and the teacher shows their thinking on the board....check out this very informative discussion we had on Wednesday! 

The Dot Song - Enjoy!

We read the book "The Dot" and then did some pretty beautiful and creative art afterwards!  Our hallway in school is blooming with joy and color as our 2nd graders came together to create a community display for others to enjoy!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Writing Stories and Making a Toast!

This week we read a book called "Ralph Writes a Story" in which a little boy learns about how to tell his many stories - after a struggle to find ideas......
Then we each grabbed some special writing paper and tried out our own stories!  After spending a good chunk of time getting our ideas down - we sat with each other and shared what we'd written!  As we were sharing, we were able to celebrate our efforts with some thick and creamy chocolate milk!  Why, you ask?  First, chocolate milk is delicious - AND second, Thursday, September 12th is Chocolate Milkshake Day!  The kids decided they needed to toast themselves and their amazing "starts" !!!!

We Wrote A Class Poem Today !

After reading a poem called "At School", our class decided to take a leap and  write our own!  We call it "At School - The Sequel"..... Kids worked in teams of two to create their own couplets.  Together we constructed this amazing and fun poem!  Please enjoy!

At School - (the sequel :)

I once went swinging on the swing
When I was done, I lost my ring!
I run, run, run and it’s so much fun,
My friends and I like to run in the sun!
I got off the bus and forgot something on it
My tongue was in a twist and forgot to get back on it!
When I’m in art I draw with a pencil
I’m so good I don’t need a stencil!
We run on the playground in the bright morning sun,
And with our friends, it’s so much fun!
I get off the bus with my backpack on me,
With my math in my pack, done by my mommy.
I want to spread kindness and joy
I can do that by sharing my toy!
At recess I love to go down the slide
The best part of the day is playing outside!

-Written by Mrs. Berliner’s 2nd Grade Class - 2019